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Our highly qualified, innovative and experienced team includes lawyers, chartered accountants and MBAs. We understand that a distressed business can be rescued, rehabilitated or reorganized to enhance value. We work together with our clients, whether debtors in default or creditors to identify, in order to adopt and implement the best solution. We strive to maximize recovery, protect business or investment of our client, however where a client’s distressed situation cannot be resolved through a recovery platform, we work towards formulating strategies to guide our clients through the process of insolvency.

In order for us to provide seamless and integrated service for our clients, we works closely with specialists in related practice areas including finance, corporate, real estate, employment, tax, regulatory, capital markets and litigation. Our expertise covers legal and commercial advice on matters including:

  1. 1Pre Insolvency/ Distress Advisory;
  2. 2Negotiations with creditors for settlements;
  3. 3Negotiations / Arrangements with creditors and members;
  4. 4Corporate Restructuring based on Mergers/ Demergers/ Hive off/Take over/Acquisitions;
  5. 5Identifying strategic investors;
  6. 6Devising an efficient and viable restructuring model;
  7. 7Distressed debt trading;
  8. 8Insolvency filing requirements;
  9. 9Insolvency proceedings;
  10. 10Financial Due Diligence;
  11. 11M&A in Distress;
  12. 12Portfolio Reviews; and,
  13. 13Liquidations/Winding up