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Our audit approach, at the leading edge of best practice, is tailored to suit the size and nature of organization and draws upon your extensive industry knowledge. Our deep understanding of regulation and legislation means we can also help with complex reporting issues involving
IND AS, IAS, US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The firm has the knowledge and experience necessary to help our clients with complex financial accounting issues related to matters such as valuations, pensions and share plans, listing, IFRS conversions and corporate treasury and company secretary functions.

The audits and other assurance services are provided, based on:

  1. 1Use of sound and innovative proprietary systems and methodologies developed in-house
  2. 2Executed by a highly trained team of staff drawn from a pool of Audit, Forensic, Information Technology and Information Systems Audit & Security experts
  3. 3Backed by extensive deployment of CAAT and other Information Technology tools