Wakana Hosono serves as a Director- Japanese Desk with Nangia Andersen India Pvt. Ltd. As an associate of professional service in law and tax for Japanese companies, she has 5 years of practice in various countries.

Wakana is a Japanese native with LLB working in tax, finance and legal services in global environment. She had an internship opportunity in the United States and is fluent in English for written and verbal. With her past working experiences, she has strong understanding in relevant legal or tax services. In Japan she has worked with law firms, then moved to Bangkok and joined a legal team in a Japanese company and a Big 4 tax firm.

Wakana has been assisting international tax assignments in India since 2018 that help clients set up and run business to adopt Indian market or invest into India and stay compliant which includes Indian tax and financial requirements. She develops appropriate client experiences for Japanese companies while she is collaborating with law and tax firms, banks, and many more experts. During office hours, Wakana is happy to get to know each client through meetings to build valuable working relationships.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her dog in her spare time and planning on furthering her education in the future.