“Healthy Population is the true wealth of a Nation”. Since pre-independence era, public health has been neglected sector and the focus was on provisioning of medical care. Post-Independence GoI introduced large scale sector reforms including National Rural Health Mission (later on National Health Mission), Integration of AYUSH, PPP model, Ayushman Bharat insurance provision and Digital framework for healthcare. All these initiatives have positively helped in increasing access of health and improving Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) at State and National level. However, recent COVID- 19 outbreak affected the overall health delivery system due to overwhelming demand of services. India still needs to work on various dimensions to provide last mile health service delivery and reach the KPIs as envisaged in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nangia & Co. LLP has a dedicated pool of experts from Medical, Biotechnology, Management, and other related background. We provide holistic Health System Strengthening services (HSS) to clients in the area of public health, Private health, Nutrition, and allied domains. We have assisted key clients in their marquee projects in health and development sector in the areas of project implementation, policy drafting and service delivery.

  • We have assisted state agencies by providing them technical assistance for managing programmes, conducting out reviews and enhancement of public health policies.
  • We have worked as a project management consultant for setting up Health Camp and delivering basic health care services for Collector Office, Narayanpur.
  • End to End implementation of telemedicine advisory in Sonahatu, Jharkhand  community health centres.

We expertise in providing advisory services across following areas.
  • Providing Health IT consultancy services: Assisting clients to use IT based technology for providing last mile health services delivery
  • Health Infrastructure upgradation, assisting hospitals and health care facilities to ramp and build up the required infrastructure as per standard.
  • Large scale capacity building, providing Technical Assistance (TA) to carry out large scale capacity building of Human Resources for Health (HRH).
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP), acting as trusted advisors in bringing together the government and the private sector to run health initiatives together.
  • Establishing the Medical Tourism services by offering consultancy services for establishment of medical tourism services in the states.